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While the project is small adrelanos thinks it is best not to make a too difficult policy.


  • Adrelanos's progress of work.
  • Not calling it unstable, because the changes will most likely never make it unstable but it is just not tested if it still builds.
  • Branching model, project readme, information, gpg...


  • last released and recommended Whonix version
  • ready to include hotfixes


  • does currently not exist, since only one adding code
  • candidate for next Whonix version
  • must always build
  • currently restructuring
  • we can make an always building development branch as soon as someone else commits code



perhaps 0.5.x etc. as release branches[edit]

feature branches when it makes sense[edit]

signed git tags[edit]

Releases will be tagged and gpg signed.

temporary git tags[edit]

Will be named like: adretemp1 or 96adretemp

Can get deleted from time to time.

Link to Source Code[edit]

subscribe to code changes[edit]


Git clone github.

A git specific work flow could be:

git fetch

every (few) day(s) and then git diff(tool), merge, etc.

rss feed notification[edit]

manually in your browser[edit]

Check every now and then

Github Commits Mailing List[edit]

Whonix-commits read only mailing list

(Stay hosted on Barely anyone is signed up and it is quite high traffic.)


If you prefer Twitter, use the Secondary Twitter Account for Source Code Commit Notification.

grep Whonix source code[edit]

mkdir ~/bin

set -x
exec \
grep \ \
--exclude=GPLv2 \
--exclude=GPLv3 \
--exclude=COPYING \
--exclude=changelog.upstream-old1 \
--exclude-dir=mnt \
--exclude-dir=qubes-src/linux-template-builder/mnt \
--exclude=changelog.upstream \
--exclude-dir=".git" \
--exclude-dir=chroot-debian \
--exclude-dir=chroot-stretch \
--exclude-dir=chroot-jessie "$@"

cd Whonix

mygrep -r grub-pc

Put folder under Git Version Control[edit]


Update the package lists.

sudo apt-get update

Install git.

sudo apt-get install git

Unless you want to use git for pushing changes to remotes which you probably won't in a testing VM you can use the following git config without using any real names or pseudonyms. (These are the git suggested defaults. [1])

git config --global ""

git config --global "Your Name"

Enable Git Version Control for Folder[edit]

Go to the folder you want to set under git version control.

cd ~

Initialize git version control.

git init

Add all files to git version control.

git add -A

Commit all files to git. [2]

git commit -a -m .

Do changes such as changing KDE settings.

See what changed.

git diff


Optional. Just sharing. Like it or not.


Random News:

Do you wonder why Whonix will always be free? Check out Why Whonix is Free Software.

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  1. git commit -a -m .
    *** Please tell me who you are.
      git config --global ""
      git config --global "Your Name"
    to set your account's default identity.
    Omit --global to set the identity only in this repository.
    fatal: empty ident name (for <(null)>) not allowed
  2. Without any useful commit message. . is the commit message here.