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Donate to Whonix using PayPal. Most currencies. Many payment options. No account required for many payment options...

1. No account is required for many payment options (such as credit card).
2. Most currencies.
3. Many payment options.
4. Tor Browser users note this.

Donate via PayPal

Javascript is deactivated. We offer two options:

Monthly Donations - no JavaScript


  • JavaScript: The following payment button on this website does not require JavaScript but the PayPal website most likely requires JavaScript which is unspecific to Whonix.
  • Note to users of Tor Browser: If using Tor or Tor Browser, at time of writing PayPal was blocking connections from the Tor network. PayPal likely requires use of a clearnet browser.

To make a monthly donation by PayPal:

1. Select an amount.

2. Select a currency.

3. Press the subscribe button.

4. Follow the instructions on the PayPal website.

OneTime Donation - no JavaScript

Payment Options

The following payment options are supported by PayPal. Possibly others too. Availability varies by country depending on PayPal.

1. Have a look at the following payment options.

2. Donate.

PayPal versus Tor

Browser specific.

  • A) Most browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Chrome): No special notice.
  • B) Tor Browser:

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