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Further Information[edit]

Short Overview[edit]

A referral link looks like a normal link but contains a unique identification code that tracks who refereed the user to the vendor. Referral links are very common on the internet. Often users are unaware that they are using referral links. Users usually perform web searches, find websites, blogs or forums that contain links to vendors or services that the user is interested in at the time. Often these links are referral links.

Instead of leaving it to random chance who receives a commission, if the user is intending to purchase from a vendor or to use a paid web-service anyhow, the user could consider to use an affiliate link provided by Whonix. This might result in redirecting any commissions to Whonix instead. This is a different type of donation. The user does not have to spend any extra money. _Page_Donate--Affiliate.css For example, rather than typing fixedfloat into Google, clicking these links and risking that Google or another advertiser earns a commission, the user could support their favorite project such as Whonix by using the referral link provided by Whonix and thereby redirecting the commission to Whonix.


1. The user should do their own research if use of the third party vendor is secure.

2. The user clicks a link from this Donate by Affiliate wiki page.

3. The user makes a purchase directly from the affiliated third party.

4. Done.

The Whonix project might receive a commission.

Increasing Success Chances[edit]

Increasing chances that the Whonix project will receive a commission.


  • Avoid use of Tor Browser. [1]
  • Avoid use of Tor. [2]
  • Clean browser:
    • Clear browser history, or better
    • use a browser with a clean history that has not been used before.
  • Copy the affiliate link to a clean browser.

Details of Affiliate Links[edit]

See notices and non-endorsement first.

    • Check before transacting:
      • Trustpilot
      • search engine search terms:
      • General web search as well as considering asking acquaintances.
  • More affiliate links might be added here later. Check back later.


  • Tracking risk: The affiliate can learn that the user followed an affiliate link by Whonix.
  • Non-endorsement: Just because Whonix lists an affiliate link it does not follow that Whonix endorses it; see also Terms of Service: Non-endorsement. Unsubstantiated Conclusions conclusions should be avoided.
  • No relationship: Using a not using an affiliate link does not get Whonix project involved into the transaction. The user will not notice any difference.
  • No refunds: While the third party vendor may or may not have return policy and/or refund policy, under no circumstances can any commissions which might be received by Whonix be redirected to the user.
  • Not a guaranteed commission: Note, it is not guaranteed that Whonix will receive a commission. There are many reasons why Whonix will not receive a commission. [3]

Affiliates Policy[edit]

Affiliate links have a risk of moral hazard for those who post referral links on the internet. Competing vendors have different prices and referral commissions. Some vendor might employ practices which are disadvantageous for the user (such as a worse product or service for the same price) to be able to pay higher referral commissions to referees (advertisers). Therefore in many forums and comment sections affiliate links are prohibited, deleted to reduce spam. In the worst case, referees only advertise the highest commission paying vendors which offer lower quality, bad prices or are even scams. To avoid moral hazard, the following affiliates policy is in place.

  • Affiliate links are only shown on this wiki page.
  • Limitations and disclaimers are transparently documented.
  • No extra costs for the user.
  • Non-endorsement.

See Also[edit]


  1. Due to the way Tor Browser prevents tracking, handles cookies and referees there is a risk that the referring affiliate (Whonix) will not be recognized by the by the third party vendor.
  2. Due to many users sharing the same IP addresses, recognition of the affiliate might be broken or anti-fraud systems might report false-positives.
    • Technical issues by the affiliate.
    • Some affiliate link vendors change policies, commissions at will to avoid having to pay out commissions.
    • Anti-fraud system false positives.

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