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Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Ethereum (ETH) or Token (USDC, USDT, DAI)

1. Select an accepted cryptocurrency from the following table.

2. Select an option to get the payment address.

Three options. Choose one.

  • A) Copy the address by pressing the copy button, paste into your wallet. (Recommended.)
  • B) Click the QR code to enlarge, scan with your wallet, pay.
  • C) Click the payment link. This works only with wallets which support this functionality.

3. Donate.

Logo Name Code QR Address Payment
Bitcoin BTC 3LspZMk4p7ECc4Ugd6DKwSTgqyxn41KG3B bitcoin-link
Monero XMR 84ZZSsqyh5niztCgxmWAejDLu9eDerWo4Wsx8woEhDGpdKP3BWPtqenNjKuv8vojrB968U3hqYTKgLGt2zEcGopX1qaEPew monero-link
Ethereum ETH 0x665B0FF55ee44F0d765dDd88A32Aa3b912936E2e ethereum-link
USD Coin USDC ETH (ERC-20) token can be sent to the same Ethereum (ETH) address as above.
Tether USDT

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