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The Whonix ™-Windows-Installer for Windows is a simple and fast way to set-up Whonix ™ on a system running Microsoft Windows.

Download Whonix ™

The Whonix ™ Windows Installer was developed with a focus on providing users with an fast and easy method to install Whonix ™ in Microsoft Windows. This gives users the opportunity to experiment with Whonix ™ in a familiar environment without the necessity of complex virtual machine imports or host operating system changes. When the whonix-installer.exe is executed, the latest VirtualBox version and both Whonix ™ VMs are seamlessly installed on the Windows machine. From there, users can immediately start using Whonix ™ with no further configuration required.[1]


Figure: Run Whonix ™ Installer

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Figure: Install Whonix

Whonix installer wizard.png

Figure: License Agreement

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Figure: Extracting Files

Installing whonix.png

Figure: Complete Whonix ™ Installation

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Building from source[edit]


Download a copy of this repository. Use its folder to collect required files for building. [archive]

Download the Whonix ™ VirtualBox XFCE image to the folder and renamed it to "whonix.ova" [archive]

Download and install Inno Setup [archive]

Whonix-UI executable in the folder

Built from source: [archive]

Download the newest "Windows hosts" VirtualBox installer to any location. [archive]

Navigate in the commandline to that location and run

VirtualBox[Characters based on your version].exe -extract

A window will open telling you where its files have been extracted. Navigate to this folder, rename VirtualBox[Characters based on your version]amd64.msi to virtualbox_x64.msi and move it to the repository/build folder.


Your build folder should have at least:

  • license.txt
  • logo.ico
  • virtualbox_x64.msi
  • Whonix.exe
  • Whonix.iss
  • whonix.ova

Optional: Open Whonix.iss and change AppVersion. Set Compression as desired ( [archive])

Right-click Whonix.iss and select Compile (Or inside Inno Setup select BuildCompile). The executable is in Output.

Note: If the .ova becomes greater than 2GB, Whonix.iss must be set to use DiskSpanning=Yes. This will output an .exe and .bin file. To combine, add 7za.exe and 7zSD.sfx to the 7zip folder. Open 7zip/make self extract.bat, which combines everything in Output into a .7z archive and then into a self-extracting-and-running .exe.

Obtaining 7zSD.sfx and 7za.exe[edit] [archive]

7zSD.sfx Download the 7-zip compressed archive file and extract it.

Windows installer 7zSD-sfx.png

7za.exe Download the .7z compressed archive file under 7-Zip 16.04 Extra and extract it.

Windows installer 7za-exe.png

Forum Discussion[edit] [archive]

Deprecated Installer[edit]

There used to be a version of this installer based on NSIS which has been discontinued, due to stability and a host of other issues. It can still be found here: [archive]

See Also[edit]


  1. While no further action is required to install or configure the Whonix ™ VMs, it is possible (in some cases) that host bios settings or workarounds for VirtualBox bugs will require user intervention. These are not Whonix ™ issues.

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