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Documentation for this is incomplete. Contributions are happily considered! See this for potential alternatives.

  • Some ideas
  • higher -> higher priority
  • Very unfixed priorities.

Try with stable repository vs stable-proposed-updates repository vs testers repository vs developers repository. As per Project-APT-Repository.

  • Start Tor Browser
    • visit some websites
    • visit onion websites
    • close Tor Browser
    • Did it properly terminate with exit code 0 or some other? Did the process terminate or is it lingering?
    • update Tor Browser (if available)
  • change password
  • run "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt apt full-upgrades"
  • reboot
  • everything still OK?
  • run "sudo apt autoremove"
  • test again, everything still OK?
  • install newer kernel from backports as per instructions
  • screen resolution, VirtualBox Screen Resolution Bug
  • run systemcheck --verbose --leak-tests --gui --cli
    • check if there is a systemcheck CLI output, if there is a GUI window popup, if that is dismissable using OK or close button
  • other activities users are doing such as
    • start thunar
    • browse some files
    • open a file in a text editor
      • type something
      • save file
      • re-open file
  • edit file with root rights
  • other common activities which come to your mind?
    • is the screen properly maximized?
  • copy/paste text from host to vm and back
  • shared folder tests
  • USB auto mount test
  • boot into recovery mode
  • normal boot and switch to virtual console
    • switch back to graphical console
  • set up serial console
  • sudo apt install debug-misc
  • lower VM RAM to 256 MB
  • enough for now or should I come up with more?

relevant links[edit]

The tests ideally would be aware in which boot mode (normal, recovery, future, it would boot and which virtual terminal it would run the test in. Maybe that could be an abstraction.

Some tests are virtualizer specific. A lot tests will function in Qubes-Whonix hopefully (such as Tor Browser tests) but shared folder tests are different for VBox / KVM. Virtualization can be detected using systemd-detect-virt.

related links[edit]



After initial release. Written long after project started.

  • xdg-open
  • exo-open --launch WebBrowser
  • sensible-browser
  • x-www-browser
  • gnome-www-browser
  • xdg-mime query default text/html
  • xdg-settings get default-web-browser
  • Xfce taskbar (1 click accessible) quickstart browser /etc/skel/.config/xfce4/panel/launcher-7/15404746583.desktop

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