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  • Some ideas
  • higher -> higher priority
  • Very unfixed priorities.

Try with stable repository vs stable-proposed-updates repository vs testers repository vs developers repository. As per Project-APT-Repository.

  • Start Tor Browser
    • visit some websites
    • visit onion websites
    • close Tor Browser
    • Did it properly terminate with exit code 0 or some other? Did the process terminate or is it lingering?
    • update Tor Browser (if available)
  • change password
  • run "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt apt dist-upgrades"
  • reboot
  • everything still OK?
  • run "sudo apt autoremove"
  • test again, everything still OK?
  • install newer kernel from backports as per instructions
  • screen resolution, VirtualBox Screen Resolution Bug
  • run whonixcheck --verbose --leak-tests --gui --cli
    • check if there is a whonixcheck CLI output, if there is a GUI window popup, if that is dismissable using OK or close button
  • other activities users are doing such as
    • start thunar
    • browse some files
    • open a file in a text editor
      • type something
      • save file
      • re-open file
  • edit file with root rights
  • other common activities which come to your mind?
    • is the screen properly maximized?
  • copy/paste text from host to vm and back
  • shared folder tests
  • USB auto mount test
  • boot into recovery mode
  • normal boot and switch to virtual console
    • switch back to graphical console
  • set up serial console
  • `sudo apt install debug-misc`
  • lower VM RAM to 256 MB
  • run sudo /usr/share/hardened-kernel/build, install new kernel, reboot
  • enough for now or should I come up with more?

relevant links[edit]

The tests ideally would be aware in which boot mode (normal, recovery, future others [archive], it would boot and which virtual terminal it would run the test in. Maybe that could be an abstraction.

Some tests are virtualizer specific. A lot tests will function in Qubes-Whonix hopefully (such as Tor Browser tests) but shared folder tests are different for VBox / KVM. Virtualization can be detected using systemd-detect-virt.

related links[edit]



After initial release. Written long after project started.

  • xdg-open
  • exo-open --launch WebBrowser
  • sensible-browser
  • x-www-browser
  • gnome-www-browser
  • xdg-mime query default text/html
  • xdg-settings get default-web-browser
  • XFCE taskbar (1 click accessible) quickstart browser /etc/skel/.config/xfce4/panel/launcher-7/15404746583.desktop
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