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Do you use Whonix? [archive]

Do you use Thunderbird in Whonix? [archive]

Whonix with KDE or XFCE? Which desktop environment would you prefer? [archive]

User Poll - XFCE vs KDE - KDE Deprecation Considered! [archive]

How much RAM do you have? [archive]

User Poll - How much RAM do you have? [archive]

Do you use KGpg in Whonix? [archive]

How many Whonix VMs do you run in parallel? [archive]

Which one is more important? #security or #freedom? Choose one. [archive]

Which one is more important? Security of the operating system (OS) or being able to customize the operating system? Choose one. [archive]

Which one is more important? #usability of the operating system (OS) or #security of the OS? Choose one. [archive]

User Poll - Would you only donate if...? [archive]

Do you use gwenview in Whonix? [archive]

I donate if: tax deductible | tax break doesn't matter [archive]

User Poll - Would you only donate if...? [archive]

Which software signature verification method would you most like to see supported? [archive] [archive]

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