[Whonix-devel] #16725 [Tor Browser]: TorBrowser fails maximizing while using diffrent homepage

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Wed Oct 7 03:03:58 CEST 2015

#16725: TorBrowser fails maximizing while using diffrent homepage
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Changes (by arthuredelstein):

 * cc: gk (added)


 The line that causes the window to resize after the user attempts to
 maximize is here:

 This code only runs when the "extensions.torbutton.startup_resize_period"
 is set to `true`. That pref is set to `false` in the
 `torbutton_on_abouttor_load` function, which is triggered by the custom
 "AboutTorLoad" event, created by the about:tor page (`aboutTor.xhtml`).

 So it seems the pref is only turned off when about:tor is loaded. We need
 to find the right place to turn off this pref regardless of whatever page
 is loaded in a new window. Maybe gk has a suggestion?

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