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> In case you don't want this cross-posted, let me know. I just
> find if confusing to reply to one list and get replies on/to two
> different lists.
> bancfc at openmailbox.org writes:
>> On 2017-01-29 03:03, ng0 wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> bancfc discovered my work and thought it would be a good idea if
>>> I sign up for this list, to share and minimize duplication of
>>> work.
>> Awesome stuff. More below. Thanks for posting.
>>> I'm working on a live-system which initially, in its first
>>> version, will be used as a live-system for secushare[0] (which
>>> also implies GNUnet to some degree) with the system being a blend
>>> of GuixSD[1]. The choice was between Gentoo, NixOS and GuixSD
>>> (more about that in the potential, as of right now unwritten,
>>> explanation post about the system).
>>> There's no name so far for this version, but I have my ideas
>>> about later versions which will be based on the experience with
>>> this system.
>>> There's no public documentation so far: the internal onion-only
>>> server I share the issue tracker with is currently being moved to
>>> a new server which will be exposed to both onion-space and some
>>> .org domain.
>>> The very short TL;DR before I manage to write a text on this
>>> system is:
>>> Describing it as "similar to TAILS" is only to make a shortcut in
>>> explanations, for the first version will 'optionally' come with
>>> a secure_delete use similar to TAILS. For secushare this is too
>>> much over the top, but for me it's a nice test of
>>> reimplementation (GuixSD uses shepherd as its init system).
>>> The rest is nothing groundbreaking: time-service will be
>>> tlsdated, software will include some useful tools in addition to
>>> gnunet + secushare.


> Indeed, which is why I see tlsdated only as an intermediate solution.

Clarification about this point:
I did a short braindump about the roadmap. As it's not gitlab or
anything interactive (that's stuck behind an invite only onion
for now) I have to add that for some months I got lost and right
now almost everything is at 80%, working on the last 20% of
almost everything.

* You will see that tlsdated is just really intermediate.

* Section "/ [optional items]" is one of these items which would
  need better documentation to understand, the short note is:
  ignore this section.

* I could exchange uclibc-ng for musl if I wanted a shortcut, but
  this would involve running into even more walls.


For sdwdate:

As far as I know I got stuck with porting genmkfile. Months later
I will sure proceed further than before, but I think I might
still hit problems. I imagine whonix-devel at whonix.org is the
right list to address for porting issues.


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