[Whonix-devel] #25140 [Core Tor/Tor]: Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory

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Wed Feb 20 22:00:15 CET 2019

#25140: Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory
 Reporter:  iry                                  |          Owner:
                                                 |  Jigsaw52
     Type:  task                                 |         Status:
                                                 |  needs_revision
 Priority:  High                                 |      Milestone:  Tor:
                                                 |  0.4.1.x-final
Component:  Core Tor/Tor                         |        Version:  Tor:
 Severity:  Major                                |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  034-triage-20180328,                 |  Actual Points:
  035-removed-20180711                           |
Parent ID:                                       |         Points:
 Reviewer:  ahf                                  |        Sponsor:
Changes (by dgoulet):

 * status:  merge_ready => needs_revision


 So hmmm... this commit is the one that worries me the most:


 Not only that `tor_glob()` function is kind of insane but also it seems
 most of it was copied from `tor_listdir`. I would really like us to avoid
 code duplication from that madness.

 That function should be simplified to have a `tor_listdir()` per platform
 instead of a mayhem of `#ifdef`. And then extract the common part that we
 can use within `tor_glob()` in smaller functions that lib/path/ can all

 Sorry to put that back in `needs_revision` but we just can't pile up
 technical debt like that.

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