[Whonix-devel] Whonix on Raptor Computing Systems' Talos™ Systems

Jeremy Rand jeremyrand at airmail.cc
Sun Nov 3 01:59:00 CET 2019

Patrick Schleizer:
> Hello Jeremy,
> this is interesting...
> https://wiki.raptorcs.com/wiki/Whonix
> https://wiki.raptorcs.com/wiki/Whonix/x86
> The wiki history of says it's written by you. Hence contacting you.

Hi Patrick,

Great to hear from you.  Yes, those wiki pages are by me.  I suspect
that the x86 Whonix page may be outdated by now (I think I only needed
to install an x86 Whonix image on my Talos for a brief experiment, and
never used it again).  But the main ppc64le Whonix page works great;
I've been using Whonix on my Talos for about a year and everything "just
works" (with the exception of Tor Browser, which isn't ported to ppc64le
yet, see https://wiki.raptorcs.com/wiki/Porting/Tor_Browser ).

> Using Whonix's distro-morphing [1] feature to run Whonix KVM on Raptor
> Computing Systems' Talos™ systems if I understand that right.

Well, I'm kind of old-school and didn't know that the feature is now
called distro-morphing; I always called it "apt-get install whonix".
But yes, that's how I'm doing it.  Everything works great; huge kudos to
the Whonix team on producing such a robust functionality that it runs
virtually flawlessly on ppc64le despite (I assume) no one on the Whonix
team testing it on ppc64le.

> Quote:
>> It is not clear why this error shows up, or whether anything bad will
> happen if it's ignored. The only mention of this error that I can find
> in upstream documentation is this forum thread, which doesn't have any
> solution.
> Answered in same forum thread here:
> https://forums.whonix.org/t/error-virtualizer-unsupported-by-whonix-developers/4471/3

Thanks for the answer, I'll try to find time to reply there with the
requested info ASAP.  Also apologies for not directly asking in that thread.

> This is an interesting use case due to both, Whonix distro-morphing and
> Whonix on Raptor Computing Systems' Talos™ systems. Let me know if there
> are any other questions or issues and I'll see what I can do.

I actually had been intending to post on the Whonix forum asking if the
Whonix community could review the RaptorCS wiki page that I had created,
to make sure that I'm not accidentally recommending a setup that will
break security in some way.  (Granted, the wiki instructions are pretty
simple, so I suspect everything should be safe, but it never hurts to
ask an expert.)  I hadn't yet gotten around to doing so (too much
multitasking here...), but I suppose now that you've noticed the wiki
page and shared it with the Whonix community, I guess that problem will
solve itself.  :)

If you (or anyone else in the Whonix community) would like to chat about
this topic (or anything else) in person, I'll be at 36C3.  (I'll be
hanging out near the Monero Assembly, but I'm happy to meet up anywhere
at the Congress.)

> Replies to this e-mail will be visible on he whonix-devel public mailing
> list for the benefit of all our readers.

Great!  Thanks for the visibility.  I'm not currently subscribed to the
list, so please CC me in any replies.

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