[Whonix-devel] Contribute! Whonix Development Help Wanted! Check out the open Tasks on our new Issue Tracker!

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Mon Feb 9 18:04:19 CET 2015

Migration to our new phabricator bug tracker finished. Thanks to Jason Ayala who did most of the migration work!

Whonix Development Help Wanted!

Check out the list of all open issues (feature requests and bugs) that we would like seeing implemented:

Or if you want to help working towards the release of Whonix 10, check out the issues we want to solve before Whonix 10:

Do you speak python? Check out our tasks with the python label:

Do you speak bash? Whonix's build script is written in bash and so are most scripts developed by Whonix. Check out our tasks with the bash label:

Do you speak C? Mostly missing features in other upstream projects. Check out our tasks with the C code label:

Can you write AppArmor profiles? Check out our AppArmor tasks:

Interested in Whonix Qubes? Check out the Qubes tag:

Interested in Whonix KVM? Check out the KVM tag:

Interested in Legal Issues? Check out the legal issues tag:

Want to see systemd support? Check out the systemd tag:

Interested in security hardening? Check out the security tag:

Want to improve user documentation? Check out the user documentation tag:

Want to backdoor resistance? Check out Verifiable Builds:

The full list of tags can be found here:

Too technical? Still not busy? Check out our Contribute wiki page:

Please contribute!

Why did we move to our self-hosted phabricator web app? Our Github issue tracker didn't scale for Whonix since it's a project at the size of a GNU/Linux distribution. Github doesn't support roadmaps referencing tickets that are in different repositories/projects. Neither adding tickets to more than one roadmap is supported. And adding all tickets to one bug tracker rendered that tracker too crowded and therefore unusable. We've discussed this and agreed to move to use phabricator.

Old Github Issue Tracker:

New Phabricator Issue Tracker:

If you are interested to get e-mail notification about any new issue that is created so you can jump into the discussion, see this wiki link:

For any questions about the new bug tracker, please ask in the forums:

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