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This is Whonix ™ legacy issue tracker.

Stay Tuned[edit]

Get E-Mail Notification for all New Maniphest Tasks[edit]

1) Open

2) phabricator → Applications → Herald

3) Will end up here:

4) Click "Create Herald Rule".

5) Will end up here:

6) Choose "Maniphest Tasks".

7) Choose "Personal".

8) Will end up here:

9) Configure as following.

10) When "all of" these conditions are met:
Is newly created? | is true

Take these actions "every time" this rule matches:
"Add me to cc"

10) Click "Save Rule".

11) Done.


Github Issues[edit]

Used Github Issues previously. Third party hosted. Potential vendor lock-in issue. Hard to migrate to another platform using API. Hard to make a full backup and import elsewhere.

Own experience by Patrick: Github did hide (delete) tickets if these were created by an account which later got compromised by a spammer. No notification about this is being sent out. Only github support can restore. Thereby notes can get too easily lost / forgotten.

Phabricator Issues[edit]


  1. Works. Tested by Patrick.
    Created a herald rule for Patrick. The rule itself is only visible to admins:
    Dunno if the visibility of the rule can be changed. Asked in #phabricator No answer. But nevermind.
    It worked. See: adretest created a new ticket and Patrick was automatically added to cc by phabricator because of the herald rule.