Download Page Changes

The Whonix download page was recently updated to reflect the supported platforms that have been available for some time.

Please check it out:

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Documentation Updates

The documentation on the wiki saw many changes lately. Thanks to all who contributed.


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What’s in a Nym?

I’ve recently taken to documenting and simplifying the steps for using Mixmaster with Nymservers – a setup that allows sending and receiving email pseudonymously without reliance on a service provider. Mixmaster comes with Whonix. Feel free to give it a try and post feedback in the forums.

Years later, the Mixmaster remailer network is still around even if its not what it used to be. The focus has since shifted from Mixmaster to Tor because it can anonymize a variety of communications and not just email, also it can do so efficiently, meeting high performance demands. However, as long as the legacy SMTP mail protocol hangs around, Mixmaster remains a very powerful and relevant option.

Sending pseudonymous mail promises to be simpler still thanks to Nymphemeral, a nym management Swiss army-knife GUI, written in Python. Its built around next-generation Nymservers that support Perfect Forward Secrecy.

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The Cold Hard Truth Behind VPNs

The “Virtual” in Virtual Private Networks is just that: “Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination.”

There is an entire market of scam artists playing on people’s fears of mass surveillance, and trying to sell them VPNs as a privacy/anonymity solution. They spout illusory promises, unbackable claims and outright lies to part with people’s cash while giving them a false sense of security.

For a brief list on why a VPN’s are a failure by design, look here. They can never provide the anonymity guarantees of Tor and no one serious about their safety online should ever consider them as a solution.

The money wasted on these services is better donated to projects like Tor and Whonix where resilient and well-tested Libre Software is being developed transparently and made accessible to everyone without cost in freedom or price.

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Why I prefer PGP/INLINE over PGP/MIME in Thunderbird/Enigmail

Due to the recent Enigmail security issue, where e-mail drafts could end up unencrypted on IMAP servers. (You might wonder, no, Whonix was luckily not affected by this, because the version in Debian wheezy did not have that bug.)

In the PGP/INLINE example I can be more assured, that the text was that it really converted to encrypted ciphertext before sending – because I can see it.


As opposed to PGP/MIME, where I need to trust more, that Enigmail won’t mess that up.


Using option ‘Confirm, before sending’ set to ‘Always’, that I highly recommend to prevent messing up.

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