Author: HulaHoop

In Defense of The Intercept on the Reality Winner Case

All of the blame has unfairly been put on The Intercept for Reality Winner’s arrest to paint them as incompetent and scare away potential whistle-blowers. While yellow printer dots are one of the ways to trace the document to the

Beyond #Grsecurity: The Future of Linux security is Brighter than Ever

Those of us following security news have heard about grsec’s decision by now. If you are a current grsec sponsor reading this who doesn’t like their de-facto violation of kernel code licensing, I urge you to privately leak updated versions

Announcing unMessage: a Next-Gen Tor Messenger

unMessage is an anonymous messenger that uses Tor to hide metadata of participants. Its still in early development, however a major new feature such as Tor-to-Tor audio chat (the first such implementation we are aware of) has been included. Major

Tor Onion Services as Anti-DDoS Protection

The more widely known feature of Onion Services besides anonymity is the free and trustworthy end-to-end encryption they provide which is impossible to have under the Certificate Authority racket. Another interesting property is they can serve as a drop-in Global

‘sudo apt-get install whonix’ Part II

Many packages developed under the Whonix umbrella are independent packages in their own right and should be available to users whether they use Whonix directly or not. Another long term goal is bringing some of Whonix’s major software packages with

‘sudo apt-get install whonix’ Part I

The ability to install Whonix meta-packages packages from a repository is currently under heavy development and almost finished. With this announcement we ask that you consider donating to sustain and accelerate progress. How it Works: In two steps a user

Biometric Fingerprinting, Mass Surveillance and You

Tracking techniques have become more sophisticated with time. They advanced from simple cookies to browser/device fingerprinting (which Tor Browser focuses on defeating) to user behavior fingerprinting. The latter is about profiling how a user types on a keyboard or uses

Hardware Endorsed by the FSF

The Free Software Foundation endorses hardware that is Libre software friendly and respects your freedom and privacy. Take a look and consider supporting the OEMs behind these great projects:

Tor Donation Campaign

The Tor Project is running its first donation campaign ever. I urge our dear users to support them. They are the guardians of the last free space on the web, working tirelessly and passionately to preserve people’s rights and even

A Greek Tragedy

For years its been known that shortly after the 2004 Olympic games in Athens a wiretapping operation against the Greek parliament was busted. There was no public information on who was behind it. Thanks to a recently published article based