Whonix Livestream 17.June.2017 – Let’s talk Reality Winner

I’ve just wrapped up the third monthly Patreon Live Stream.

This time I covered the Reality Winner leaks, what kind of mistakes were done by the Intercept as well as her and why these leaks are going to have a hard time impacting a lot of people.

I’d like to note on that front that on two occasions during this stream, I made the mistake of stating Jeff Sessions occupation wrongly. This was a mistake on my part which does in no way change anything stated surrounding Sessions actions, though I still would like to apologize for making this mistake. Also, I’m starting to realize that I should attempt to suppress those Um’s as they are beginning to be really annoying…

You may watch it now here: https://youtu.be/pb_BHUr00kg

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I'm Ego, a technically minded guy living in Austria. I occasionally do stuff on the internet and enjoy solving interesting problems which is one of the reasons I am with Whonix.

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