Limitations on Free Speech on Whonix Website

Yes, we have a free speech problem in Whonix forums, comments, wiki. I have no problem admitting that. None of the forum moderators so far nor me have been censoring opinions because of disagreements.

The offtopic sub forum in Whonix forum was closed a while ago. I wanted to keep politics and other controversy opinions out. There was too much volume for me to follow it all, and some opinions were so controversial, I would have had to consult a lawyer if they may stay online.

Now a bit of politics is back in this sub forum. And I was even participating myself as a very politically interested person.

I am comfortable leaving all opinions raised in above thread as is. The volume and controversy was little enough.

You might have noticed I have been using 'I' and 'me' a lot in this post. Why is it up to me? Legal reasons. Too much too ask to

a) work on Whonix, AND

b) at the same time provide a free speech platform, which requires

  • staying up to date on developments related to international legislation,
  • following all posts (if I am even obliged to do that, which is another hard legal question depending on jurisdiction)
  • being ready to defend any opinion that I don’t hold myself in court,
  • having money for legal battles,
  • and being personally liable when court cases are lost.

And so far, no other person or organization wanted to take that burden of liability either.

Complaining about limitations on free speech in Whonix website is easy since demanding an everything goes policy is easy. Demanding Whonix website to be a free speech platform may be a result of not having noticed the regulatory changes, legal challenges and penalties over the last few years.

If you or your organization is ready to be identifiable and sign a binding contract of taking responsibility for user posted opinions in Whonix website, I am more than happy to watch the experiment. It’s unlikely to happen though. The purpose of this chapter is to deflect the demand of everything goes back to the requester. This would ideally result in actual research on the legal challenges of running a free speech platform.

Patrick Schleizer

For more information on limitations on free speech on Whonix website, see these related forum discussions.

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