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To change the keyboard layout.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data

## French keyboards:
## Perhaps an upstream bug.
## ( )
## If you are using French Keymap, Remember to use "Select keymap from full list"
## 1. Select keymap from full list
## 2. pc / azerty / French / Same as X11 (latin 9) /Standard

## Alternative 1:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
## Make reconfigured keyboard-configuration changes affect.

## Alternative 2:
edit /etc/default/keyboard

## Alternative 3 (temporary until reboot):
setxkbmap de

Desktop Environment[edit]

Table: Desktop Keyboard Layout Change

Platform Steps
  • ApplicationsSettingsKeyboardLayoutdisable "use system defaults"add your layout at the bottomremove the old layoutclose
  • Keyboard search: Start menu buttonsearchkeyboardlayoutadd yours and remove the default
  • System settings: KDEStart menu buttonApplicationsSettingsSystem Settingsinput deviceslayoutadd yours and remove the defaultapply


To correctly apply changes system-wide via dom0: [1]

  • System ToolsKeyboardLayout

Alternatively, language localization input can be configured on a per VM basis.

If problems are encountered, see: My keyboard layout settings are not behaving correctly. What should I do? in the Qubes FAQ.


  1. The Qubes bug reporting the change does not propagate to other VMs has now been resolved.

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