HowTo: Easy Build LKRG Debian Package without Signature Verification

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Here are easier instructions on how to build the LKRG Debian Package from source code without verifying software signatures. Instructions with better security and more explanation can be found here.

The build process of building any of the packages by Whonix developers is always very similar. This very wiki page explain how to build package lkrg. By replacing the name of the package lkrg with the name of any other package you might be interested in building, the other package would be build. You have two options.


Get Build Dependencies[edit]

Update your package lists.

sudo apt update

Install from Debian repository.

sudo apt install build-essential devscripts git

Change Directory to Build Folder[edit]

This chapter is recommended for better usability, but is not strictly required. [1]

Create folder ~/lkrg-build.

mkdir -p ~/lkrg-build

Change directory to folder ~/lkrg-build.

cd ~/lkrg-build

Get the Source Code[edit]

Get the the package's source code.

  • git clone
  • OR (One or the other command should work. Depending on where the package belongs.)
  • git clone

Case sensitive. Remember it is Whonix, not whonix! If you are prompted for a username for github, it means you have mistyped the web address.

Change Directory to Source Code Folder[edit]

Get into the package's source code folder because later on package build commands are expected to be run from the root of the source folder.

cd lkrg

Choose Version[edit]

This is optional in case you want to build from master branch.

Do not use version 0.1 but a sensible version number.

git checkout --quiet 0.7.1-1

Build the Package[edit]

dpkg-buildpackage -b

Build Result[edit]

When a package is build using dpkg-buildpackage the resulting packages will be created in the parent folder. I.e. in this case in the ~/lkrg-build folder.

ls ../

Should show something like this.

lkrg lkrg0.7.1-1-1_amd64.buildinfo lkrg0.7.1-1-1_amd64.changes


sudo dpkg -i ../lkrg_0.7.1-1-1_amd64.deb

Clean Up[edit]

Delete temporary files debhelper files in package source folder as well as debhelper artifacts (.deb file etc.) in parent folder.

1) Show extraneous (temporary files debhelper) files.

git clean -ndff

2) NOTE: Read above output carefully if you added files of your own files to that folder.

If that looks good, actually remove.

git clean -dff

3) Delete debhelper artifacts (.deb file etc.) in parent folder.

TODO: document


  1. When a package is build using dpkg-buildpackage the resulting packages will be created in the parent folder. It's better for usability if this is not the user's home folder since many other files may already reside there. Thereby making the build result files more difficult to find or delete. This is a missing Debian feature. See: dpkg-buildpackage: support output directory other than ..

Credits and Source Code[edit]

The original source software is maintained by Adam "pi3" Zabrocki. See also authorship

This website with Debian package build instructions and LKRG Debian Package Website is the software fork homepage for LKRG, with a focus on easy installation, added user documentation, and integration with Whonix, Kicksecure, Debian, and other distributions. The software fork source code can be found here.