Why Whonix is Free Software

  • Security: Open Source software like Qubes, Linux and Whonix is more secure than closed source software. The public scrutiny of security by design has proven to be superior to security through obscurity. This aligns the software development process with Kerckhoffs' principle - the basis of modern cipher-systems design. This principle asserts that systems must be secure, even if the adversary knows everything about how they work. Generally speaking, Libre Software projects are much more open and respectful of the privacy rights of users. Libre Software projects also encourage security bug reports, open discussion, public fixes and review.
  • Legal: Whonix is based on Libre Software. A lot of Libre licensed software prohibits modification and distribution without sharing the modified source code.
  • Ethics: Whonix developers believe it is immoral to benefit from those Free/Libre Software components and give back nothing. We stand on the shoulders of giants - Whonix and many other Libre software projects are only made possible because people invested in writing code that is kept accessible for the public benefit.
  • Community: It is rewarding and enjoyable to have all types of people contributing. This works best in Open Source projects.
  • Impact: When free in price, Whonix can spread faster than commercial tools that cannot provide anonymity or privacy by design.
  • Commerce: Developers hope to make a living from Whonix by selling additional services. (Priority Support | Professional Support)
  • Career: Our experience volunteering on this project improves our skill set and makes us more valuable employees.

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