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Documentation for this is incomplete. Contributions are happily considered! See this for potential alternatives.

See also Existing Ports of and Porting Whonix to other Architectures.


Intel AMD amd64[edit]

AMD64 might imply AMD only. This is wrong.

AMD64 means Intel and AMD.

For technical reason, both Intel and AMD, are called AMD64.

Other synonyms include,

  • Intel 64,
  • x64,
  • x86_64,
  • AMD64 and
  • amd64 (lower case).

aarch64 arm64[edit]

arm64 is a synonym for the aarch64 architecture.

Other synonyms include:

  • 64-bit ARM
  • AArch64

Invalid Terminology[edit]

Since Intel produces both, amd64 and ARM-based chips [1] it would be wrong (or at least not future-proof) to call amd64 Intel.

The same applies to AMD. [2]



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