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Whonix in the cloud - Development Considerations

Virtualization Technology[edit]

  • docker based or KVM based?

Build Script TODO[edit]

  • If docker based:
    • create a docker filesystem tar.xz
    • dockerfile Whonix-Gateway
    • dockerfile Whonix-Workstation
    • docker virtual internal networking
  • If kubernetes based:
    • kubernetes pod yaml
    • internal networking?

Misc TODO[edit]

  • preseed Anon Connection Wizard for non-interactive mode
  • systemcheck fixes to support new virtualizer
  • leak testing
  • static networking vs DHCP
  • DHCP
    • needed?
    • outside?
    • find a security review contractor
  • create a cloud-support package which contains cloud specific configuration tweaks

Cloud TODO[edit]

  • cloud interface switch network button
  • cloud interface different speed / anonymity choices
  • kubernetes switch network


  • Working codenames:
    • Default Tor (just "normal" Tor)
    • Fast Tor (
    • Own Tor (self-hosted Tor network)
      • How to stop freeloaders?
  • Why Tor?
    • Tor supports transparent proxying
    • supports nodes config

legal documents[edit]

  • Existing documents can be re-used.


  • honest documentation in the usual style what if xyz how secure, less secure, more secure, etc.
  • homepage, Download page gets a cloud button
  • main sponsor
  • reputation instead of hand waving
  • continuous support for future version support
  • cooperation agreement
  • oversight
  • access to developers
  • access to tickets
  • advisory
  • monitor and confirmation of progress

Secure Cloud Hardware TODO Research List[edit]

RAM Encryption[edit]

Homomorphic Encryption[edit]

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