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minimum donation [1]: 500 EUR

If you would like to donate less, please consider making a non-tax-deductible donation.

This page is only for EU-residents. People residing in other countries please consider making a non-tax-deductible donation. [2]

Please make sure to mention the purpose of transfer.

German bank account (preferred):

Account holder: Center for the Cultivation of Technology gGmbH
IBAN: DE65 4306 0967 4111 9411 01
Purpose of transfer: WHONIX-4PFRHYKE
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Bank address: Christstrasse 9, 44789, Bochum, Germany

US bank account:

Account holder: TransferWise FBO Center For The Cultivation Of Technology Gmbh
Account number: 8310006087
ACH Routing number: 026073150
Wire routing number: 026073008
Purpose of transfer: WHONIX-4PFRHYKE
Bank: Transferwise
Bank address: 19 W 24th Street, New York 10010, USA

Your donation goes entirely to Whonix and will be handled by the Center for the Cultivation of Technology (CCT), which is a charitable non-profit host organization in Germany for international Free Software projects.

This means that donations should be tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law across all member countries of the European Union (EU). With almost 30 EU member states however no guarantees can be given for all tax authorities. No known cases of tax-deductible status recognition issues known at time of writing. [3]

CCT is happy to provide individual donation receipts and work with you on their recognition. For that, please send your full name and postal address and the date of your transaction to

Are tax deductible or non-tax-deductible donation donations preferred? When donating to a Free Software project such as Whonix which has partnered with a non-profit organization for tax deductible donation processing, there is a processing fee for the non-profit. CCT has very fair fees. However, non-tax-deductible donation have a lower overhead and are therefore preferred.


  1. There is no EU based charity yet that would be able to process smaller donations for Free Software projects such as Whonix. The challenges lie in automation, legal requirements and overhead - it's a work in progress. For similar reasons, the Whonix project cannot create a charity by its own either.]
  2. The Whonix project has yet to partner with a USA based charity.
  3. We did not receive tax-deductible donations from all EU member states yet.

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