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In a world of government surveillance and corporate mass data collection the ability to protect your privacy is more important and more difficult than ever before. True options are very limited. Founded 10 years ago Whonix ™ is such an option and one of the best privacy and anonymity operating systems for desktop in the world. And the most watertight among them!

Whonix ™ can anonymize everything you do online and defeats common attacks and privacy threats to users and servers. It is the only actively developed OS designed to be run inside a VM and paired with Tor anonymity software - with a 10 years history!

Best of all Whonix ™ is a free and open-source. Thanks to our patrons we stay free from corporate and government influence. But we need your support to keep this great project running. Donate now to keep Whonix ™ alive!

The Whonix team

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You can't help financially? Help with your time or using our affiliate link It's greatly appreciated!

For any questions regarding your donation contact our fundraising support .
There are five ways to support Whonix ™ financially: (1.) Sponsoring a new feature - please get in contact for details. (2.) Paying for Plus Support (3.) Paying for Plus Support in lieu of a donation. Users may send any amount of funds to Whonix ™. A consultation service commensurate with the amount contributed will be negotiated between both parties. (4.) Invest | Our Terms of Service apply. | Corporations who purchase Plus Support packages may be able to claim these as tax-deductible expenses - first consult a tax advisor, as this does not constitute tax advice. | Charitable tax-deductible donations are unsupported.