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SecBrowser ™ has been deprecated. It is now unsupported. For those who still have it installed, it will continue to function. So will its internal updater. There is no urgent rush stop using it. However, it is recommended to stop using SecBrowser ™. Soon SecBrowser ™ start page will be updated to notify users about its deprecation. Replacement recommendations? See Host Browser Advice.


  • No bug reports / feature requests will be accepted.
  • No support requests will be answered.
  • No further development.

Reasons for deprecation:

  • In the future, it will not be installed by default in Kicksecure ™
    • Quote Kicksecure Default Browser development considerations
      • SecBrowser (a browser providing better privacy when browsing clearnet) will not be installed by default in Kicksecure because of grave usability issues, namely its window bar is still saying "Tor Browser" rather than Firefox or SecBrowser. That would be too confusing for new users of Kicksecure. Also Chromium is more secure than SecBrowser. See also these Chromium considerations.

  • Too high development effort.

To find out what SecBrowser ™ was see last active version of SecBrowser ™ website [archive].

Source code of SecBrowser ™ remains Freedom Software [archive]. Therefore everyone else remains welcome to software fork [archive] it and take over maintenance.

Non-Affiliation with The Tor Project[edit]

SecBrowser ™ was a derivative of Tor® Browser, produced independently from the Tor® anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor® Project [archive] about quality, suitability or anything else.

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