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Security Guide





Onionizing Repositories[edit]

Qubes Packages[edit]

Whonix and Debian Packages[edit]

Operating System[edit]

End-of-life Software[edit]

Installing Additional Software[edit]


Updating with Extra Care[edit]


Generating Unbreakable Passwords[edit]

Principles for Stronger Passwords[edit]

Platform Security[edit]

Host Security[edit]


Anonymous Mobile Modems[edit]

Anonymous WiFi Adapters[edit]


Hardware Component Risks[edit]


Power Saving Considerations[edit]

Qubes-Whonix Security[edit]

Whonix-Gateway Security[edit]




Tor Connection Padding[edit]

Warning: Bridged Networking[edit]

Whonix-Workstation Security[edit]


Adding a NAT Adapter to Whonix-Workstation / Updates without Tor[edit]




Installing Firejail[edit]

Running Firefox-ESR in a Firejail Sandbox (Qubes Debian Template)[edit]

Sandboxing Tor Browser[edit]

VM Snapshots[edit]

System Hardening Checklist[edit]

Time Attacks[edit]

Tor Versioning[edit]

Transporting UDP Tunnels over Tor[edit]

Verifying Software Signatures[edit]

What Digital Signatures Prove[edit]

Checking Digital Fingerprints of Signing Keys[edit]

Checking Digital Fingerprints of Signed Software[edit]

Virtualization Platform[edit]

Type 1 vs Type 2 Hypervisors[edit]

Qubes-Whonix vs Physically-Isolated Non-Qubes-Whonix[edit]

Qubes-Whonix Hardware Requirements[edit]

VirtualBox Hardening[edit]

Stay Tuned[edit]


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