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Readers may have noticed that each documentation chapter has several advertisements in the footer. To remove all doubt, advertisements do not:

  • result in monetary compensation for the Whonix project;
  • influence the direction of Whonix development; or
  • lead to changes in Whonix software or website choices (apart from the advertisement itself).

The present list of advertisements includes:

  • None.

The past list of advertisements includes:

  • Fosshost: fosshost.org was a non-profit organization that provided hosting services to the open source community. Fosshost provided a stage server for Kicksecure.
  • Jobble: link exchange. It shows advertisements for Whonix for related searches.
  • Search engines (YaCy | Qwant | ecosia | MetaGer | peekier): This is a voluntary listing by Whonix and no discussions have occurred with any of these services. Also see this forum postarchive.org.
  • Evolution Host: provided system administration advice for the whonix.org website.

Any future changes will be documented on this page.

Guidelines for Advertising on whonix.org[edit]

  • no targeted ads
  • no tracking
  • no spying
  • no loading of web content from third party pages
  • just text and images
  • advertisements marked as advertisements
  • no JavaScript

Affiliate Policy[edit]

This is only a consideration for a hypothetical future situation. Example: a VPN provider would offer sponsorship if Whonix would provide a wizard for easily setting up VPN [trial] accounts.

  • no marketing lies
  • wizard for easily setting up [trial] accounts
  • easily replaceable with other vendors

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