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Current Maintainers[edit]

Table: Current Whonix Team [1]

Name Role
Patrick Schleizer
Jason Ayala
  • Creative consultant.
  • Usability testing and feedback.
  • English language fixes.
  • Forum activity.
  • Developer, miscellaneous.
  • AppArmor profiles and Whonix Setup Wizard. [2]
  • Forum activity.
  • Wiki translations coordinator.
  • Forum user support and forum moderator.
  • Whonix Windows installer.
  • Forum activity.
  • Testing.
  • Forum user support and forum moderator.
  • Testing.
  • Wiki editor and research.
  • Forum moderator.
  • Testing.
  • Wiki editor and research.
  • Forum user support and forum moderator.

For the full list of Whonix components and the respective maintainer, see here. [3]

Past Contributors[edit]

Whonix would not exist in its current form without the significant efforts of numerous contributors from the community. Gratitude is expressed to all past contributors, big or small.

Table: Previous Whonix Contributors [4]

Name Contributions
  • TorBOX wiki editor.
  • English language fixes.
  • python leaktest script creation.
  • Contact: smarm [at] hushmail dot com.
Cypherpunks / Anonymous
  • TorBOX build shell script creation.
  • Initial TorBOX binary releases. [5]
  • Rewrote the TorBOX guide for VirtualBox, instead of VMware. [6]
  • Improved the iptables firewall configuration and added a hardening section. [7]
  • Previous forum moderator at the legacy sourceforge Whonix forum.
  • Contributed a phone number so the Google+ and Youtube Whonix accounts could be created.
  • Documentation feedback.
  • Tested Whonix images.
  • Feedback on Whonix source code and change commits.
  • Reviewed Whonix build documentation.
  • Tested building Whonix from source code.
  • Helped integrate TorChat into Whonix.
  • Reviewed matters concerning public relations.
  • Documentation feedback.
  • Created the original TorBOX logo.
Cuan Knaggs
  • Created the Whonix stream isolation graphic.
  • Contact: revlover print media for graphical web design, web development, cms and e-commerce.
  • First Whonix integration into Qubes.

Credits, Inspiration, Alternatives, Sources[edit]


The success of the Whonix platform is the sum total of several factors:

  • The solid foundation at its heart - the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
  • The software provided by several other projects (like Tor) and the tireless efforts of their many developers and maintainers. [8]
  • Lessons learned from:
    • Expert advice provided in various Internet forums and attendance at software development events.
    • Previous failures and successes in the Whonix development cycle.
    • The failures and successes of similar anonymity projects (like Tails).
  • Inspiration drawn from other projects, leading to the implementation of new or improved anonymity / security features.
  • Direct contributions by the Whonix community.


Whonix Development

In alphabetical order, the following projects or sources have had the greatest influence on Whonix development to date:

Anonymity and Security Development

In alphabetical order, the following projects have significantly influenced developer thinking about anonymity networks and threat modelling:


Sources learned from... In random order...

Similar Projects[edit]

Here is a list of projects with similar goals to Whonix. The list is here for reference. Those projects may have interesting thoughts, mistakes, security enhancements, features and so on. The useful stuff can be potentially ported to Whonix. Some projects inspired the development of Whonix (missing features, implementation reference etc.).

Thank you!


History of Whonix.


Images created by third parties[edit]

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JonDos permission[edit]

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Website License[edit]

See page footer.

Whonix License[edit]

See license file in Whonix source code.


  1. Maintainers are listed in rough chronological order.
  2. Forerunner to Anon Connection Wizard.
  3. Interested readers can also refer to a previous forum discussion about Whonix maintainers.
  4. Contributors are listed in rough chronological order. Please add your name / handle and contribution(s) here if they have not already been listed.
  5. February 2012; TorBOX was a forerunner to Whonix.
  6. February 2012.
  7. February 2012.
  8. Which form part of the core anonymity and security features in Whonix.
  9. See Dev/Tails Doc Fork for a list of documentation pages which have been forked by Patrick Schleizer.
  10. Broken link: https://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=31220#p31220

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