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Current Maintainers[edit]

(Forum discussion about maintainers.)

Code Contributors[edit]

Current Maintainers

  • Patrick Schleizer (adrelanos@riseup.net) (forum) (github): initially researched extensively and compiled all information floating around the web into a guide; Later created the Whonix build scripts, binary images, extended documentation, see History.

Current Coders

Past Code Contributors

  • smarm: made many things in TorBOX guide much clearer; English language fixes; created leaktest scripts (python); Thank you! (smarm [at] hushmail dot com)
  • cypherpunks/anonymous: Everyone can contribute! Feb 2012: added a shell script to automate set up TorBOX, changed guide to use VirtualBox instead of VMware, rewritten the iptables firewall and added a hardening section.

Arts Contributors[edit]

  • original TorBOX logo

Made by CJ.

  • Whonix Stream Isolation Graphic

Cuan Knaggs – graphic and web design revlover print media – web design – web development – cms – e-commerce


In random order.


  • past Forum Moderator
  • contributed a phone number, so the Whonix Google+ and Youtube account could be set up
  • documentation feedback
  • testing Whonix images


  • Wiki sysop and web sysadmin
  • documentation review


  • comments on Whonix source code and changes
  • review Whonix build documentation
  • testing Whonix building from source code
  • helped with Whonix TorChat integration
  • reviewing public relation


  • documentation feedback


  • KVM leak testing and instructions.

Jason Ayala

  • Creative Consultant
  • Usability testing and feedback
  • English language fixes

Credits, Inspiration, Alternatives, Sources[edit]


In random order.

Without those projects and the people behind who created and maintain those, Whonix in its current form wouldn't have been possible.

  • GNU
  • Ubuntu GNU/Linux
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Tails
  • Some documentation pages forked from Tails by Patrick Schleizer for Whonix. See Dev/Tails Doc Fork for a list, which documentation pages have been forked.
  • The Tor Project
  • help-bash Mailing List
    • For general thoughts on anonymity networks and threat models. **
  • Liberte Linux
  • JonDo
  • i2p

Misc things.


Sources learned from... In random order...

Similar Projects[edit]

Here is a list of projects with similar goals to Whonix. The list is here for reference. Those projects may have interesting thoughts, mistakes, security enhancements, features and so on. The useful stuff can be potentially ported to Whonix. Some projects inspired the development of Whonix (missing features, implementation reference etc.).

Thank you!


History of Whonix.


Images created by third parties[edit]

Thank you!

JonDos permission[edit]

dee.su permission[edit]

Website License[edit]

See footer.

Whonix License[edit]

See license file in Whonix source code.

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