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Info This page is archived.

Whonix ™ News File Format[edit]

Version 0.2 used by Whonix ™ 0.5.6

First line contains version and may not contain any spaces!


news text here
some more news text

How to create a valid Whonix ™ News File[edit]


(1). safe as whonix_news


(2). sign

gpg --clearsign whonix_news

(3). test

gpg --verify whonix_news.asc

Using Maintainer Script[edit]{{project_name_short}}/derivative-maker/blob/master/release/upload_download_readme

Extra implementation info[edit]

Signing and verification (as sanity check) of [{{project_name_short}}/derivative-maker/blob/master/release/whonix_news whonix_news] is automated by [{{project_name_short}}/derivative-maker/blob/master/release/upload_whonix_news upload_whonix_news].

[{{project_name_short}}/derivative-maker/blob/master/whonix_shared/usr/lib/whonix/systemcheck/50_check-whonix-news 50_check-whonix-news] will find out the current installing version by:

## Read only FIRST line.
read -r INSTALLED_WHONIX_VERSION < /usr/local/share/whonix/version
## Remove ALL spaces.

While phrasing the whonix_news, it is not required to remove the OpenPGP Signature, because the function verify_whonix_news in [{{project_name_short}}/derivative-maker/blob/master/whonix_shared/usr/lib/whonix/systemcheck/50_check-whonix-news 50_check-whonix-news] will use gpg --decrypt to get plain text, which will result in the Whonix ™ News File Format.