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ARM board running Tor + YaCy + ZeroNet


Armbian is a cross-compiling toolchain project that runs on x86 hardware and generates Debian images for ARM boards:


Can potentially serve as a Tor Bridge and also a seed node for other kinds of P2P services in the future.

  • Bridges don't need the up-time/maintenance/bandwidth of a proper Tor relay.

  • Transports like Snowflake eliminate the need for TCP forwarding configurations. Command line for embedded and headless applications is planned. [1]


  • A SSH/VNC server listens only on a link local address

that is accessible from their PC directly through an Ethernet connection only:

  • Does not need an existing network connection to administrate the box.
  • Does not expose the box to SSH attacks on conventional networks.
  • Authenticated HSs can be optionally setup for advanced users who want a secure way to connect to the box remotely.

Other Projects[edit]

Projects of note:

  • Tor-ramdisk


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