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Likely required: allow this extension to run in private window

ETH vs Tor generally[edit]

Apparently the ETH developers are not prioritizing anonymity or Tor-anything even though it's supposedly uncensorable smart contracts.

Chaos issue tracker with nonsense lazy stale-bot that is closing issues which aren't fixed:

A full node directly over Tor is difficult due to node discovery because Tor does not support UDP. Quote: How To Sync an Ethereum Node via

It’s important to do this right — in this step you select nodes you trust. If you get tricked into adding mostly compromised nodes, your Ethereum client can be manipulated into following a fake chain.

As a workaround Transporting UDP Tunnels over Tor might be used in theory but is Unsupported if that would be fast and reliable enough to download 1 TB (speak 1000 GB) and counting of blockchain data over Tor.

Full Node Appliances[edit]

There are ETH full node ready-made box one can buy. Maybe easier for clearnet users. Difficult if anonymity is desired. Any anonymity features wouldn't have Whonix leak-proof robustness since for them it would be a gimmick and not project focus.

More Information[edit]

Since Whonix ™ is based on Kicksecure ™, the user can follow the instructions on Kicksecure logo Ethereum The Web Archive Onion Version on the Kicksecure ™ website.


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