Manually Create Whonix VM Settings

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  • Only got a backup of .vdi virtual machine hard disk files? Want to restore them? That's what this page is for.
  • Want to create a backup of Whonix ™? See Backup Whonix ™ VMs instead.
  • In case you want to use other operating systems behind Whonix-Gateway ™, other than the default Whonix-Workstation ™, then rather read the Other Operating Systems page.

Info Advanced users only!

The following instructions are useful, if you have a backup of Whonix ™ .vdi (or .vdmk) hard disk images but want to restore them. This could be the case if your VM settings file is damaged or missing for some reason or if you only made a backup of the .vdi files.

1. Install Whonix ™ normally.

The easiest is probably to download and import a new Whonix ™ as if getting started with Whonix ™ for the first time.

This is required to get the required Whonix ™ VM settings (which configure important things such as connecting Whonix-Workstation ™ to Whonix-Gateway ™.

2. Power off the VM.

If not already.

3. Replace the virtual hard disk files.

Note: This step is unspecific to Whonix ™

In the VirtualBox VMs folder ~/VirtualBox VMs, replace the original .vdi with the version from your backup.

4. Done.