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Whonix ™ Platform Goals[edit]

Developers believe that everyone has the right to private and secure browsing, communications, and hosting of services on the Internet. The Whonix ™ platform has been expressly created to achieve these intended goals. As outlined on the Main Page, the primary user groups are:

  • People who value privacy as a fundamental right.
  • Average computer users in repressed or censored environments.
  • Investigators and whistle-blowers.
  • Researchers, government officials and business-people.
  • Journalists.
  • Political activists.

If there is any doubt, Whonix ™ was never designed to hide users who engage in criminal/unlawful acts.

Whonix Website and Chat Goals[edit]

Reminder: The primary forum aims include: education, fostering innovation and cooperation, resolution of Whonix ™ problems, further improvement of Whonix ™ security and privacy for all users, and assistance to individuals so they can safely achieve their (legal) goals.

Before engaging in the forums or requesting assistance, first thoroughly search the Whonix ™ documentation. Many common questions have already been addressed in relevant chapters. See also Support, Free Support Principle, Bug Reports and Software Development and Support Request Policy.

If suitable information cannot be located, please refer to the following rules before posting. Users who violate these rules may have their accounts suspended or deleted without notice.

Whonix Website and Chat Non-Purposes[edit]

  • A free speech platform.
  • Immortalization: the posting of comment(s) does not grant the author a permanent publishing right.

Whonix Website and Chat Usage Rules[edit]

Account names:

  • Using a pseudonym that is not used elsewhere is recommended.
    • Person of public interest user account names which draw controversial attention to Whonix ™ project due to their off-site activities are prohibited at the discretion of the moderators. [1]

User avatars:

  • Offensive, contentious or disruptive user avatars are prohibited at the discretion of the moderators. [1]

Do not post topics or information which:

  • Reveal the end purpose of utilizing the software such as for example political goals. [1]
  • Violate trademarks or copyright.
  • Contain pornographic or violent media or images.
  • Are intended to further unlawful/illegal activities.
  • Abuse other users, for example:
    • Personal attacks that have nothing to do with technological or development discussions.
    • Reveal private information of other users.
    • Impersonate other users.
    • Encourage self-harm or suicide.
  • Promote or invite spam. This includes:
    • Selling Whonix ™ usernames or other account information.
    • Malware/phishing.
    • Repeatedly post information unrelated to Whonix ™ and associated activities.
    • Duplicating content across sub-forums.
    • Purposefully post false or misleading content/links.
    • Promote third-party software or services purely for personal benefit.

Users participating in forums, issue tracker or chat must use either a pseudonym and/or their real name. Empty user names such as "" or are not permitted. [2]

Users who create multiple accounts to sidestep these rules will also be banned.

This list is inexhaustive. The moderators reserve the right to remove material and ban user accounts which engage in inappropriate or illegal behavior which fall outside of these guidelines.

A ban in Whonix ™ chat for minor violations such as unwanted topics does not necessarily extend to a ban in Whonix ™ forums. Major violations equal ban everywhere.

If you have any questions or suggested improvements regarding this policy, post in Whonix ™ forums [archive].

Whonix Website and Chat Unwanted Topics[edit]

The following subjects are currently banned: [3]

The following topics shall not be discussed:

Whonix Chat Purposes and Non-Purposes[edit]

The Whonix ™ telegram / matrix chat is suitable for the following topics:

  • Simple questions / support requests.
  • English language only.

The following topics must be directed to Whonix ™ forums [archive] instead:

Unwanted topics which must be moved elsewhere:

  • Debates.
    • Examples:
      • Debates about features and security of closed vs Open Source Software are unwelcome.
      • Small talk.
      • Surveys.
      • Fundamental debates on security, anonymity, privacy, philosophy, politics.
    • Reason:
      • Avoiding endless, circular, non-productive debates.


The personal opinions of moderators or contributors to the Whonix ™ project do not represent the project as a whole.

Chat Private Messages[edit]

Do not private message admins in chat channels without prior permission. See also: Contact.

Moderation and Conflict Resolution[edit]

Complaints on moderation in specific cases such as unjust bans, unban requests are only acceptable by e-mail, not in chat channel, not by private message.

Suggestions for general policy changes are only acceptable by e-mail or by posting in Whonix organizational forums [archive], not in chat channel, not by private message.



  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This is to prevent contentious off-topic debates.
  2. Reasons:
    • The only place where this is currently an issue is the Whonix ™ Telegram Chat. Not using a user name on telegram does not help much to protect one's identity since users have been assigned unique, public visible user id by telegram anyhow - it's just not conveniently accessible.
    • Without a user name it is inconvenient to refer to a user or to check their chat history for moderation purposes.
    • It also does not help much to protect one's identity by not using a user name since contents of public communications are far more risky due to issues described on the Surfing Posting Blogging page, especially Stylometry.
    • Consider using a randomly generated user name or random hash instead.
    • Many years ago the previous forum software used by the Whonix ™ allowed anonymous posting without any account. This was unsustainable because it is counter to community building and due to trolling.
  3. More subjects are likely to be listed in the future.

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