Verify the virtual machine images using Windows

Windows using Gpg4win[edit]

GnuPG, a common free software implementation of OpenPGP has versions and graphical frontends for Windows.

Gpg4win, for Windows. Getting a GnuPG version for Windows in a secure way.

You will find on this websites detailed documentation on how to install and use them.

After installing Gpg4win, download the Whonix Signing Key.

Using Kleopatra is really cumbersome for reasons stated below. Therefore it is recommended to rather use gpg #command line.

Consult the Gpg4win documentation to import it.

As long as the signing key is only listed under "other certificates" in Kleopatra, you will get "Not enough information to check signature validity". The signing key needs to be listed under "trusted certificates". To do that, you need to create your own OpenPGP key first. You could do that using (Kleopatra -> File -> New Certificate). To sign Whonix's singing key, right click on it and click "Certify Certificate". Creating local signature suffices.

Then, download the cryptographic signature corresponding to the virtual machine image you want to verify:
Download Whonix Signature: VirtualBox | KVM

Consult the Gpg4win documentation to check the signature.

If you see "Not enough information to check signature validity" as shown below.

Kleopatra Not enough information to check signature validity

Then you either did not import Whonix's signing key or you did not sign Whonix's signing key with your own key.

If you see.

Signature valid.
Signed on 2014-04-13 06:52 with unknown certificate

Kleopatra valid unknown certificate.png

This is a bug in kleopatra which they have not fixed since 2011.

For this reasons, you are probably better off using gpg command line. Instructions similar to:


When a GPG error is encountered, first try a web search for the relevant error. The security stackexchange website can also help to resolve GPG problems. Describe the problem thoroughly, but be sure it is GPG-related and not specific to Whonix.

More help resources are available on the Support page.



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