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The Whonix ™-Windows-Installer for Windows is a simple and fast way to set-up Whonix ™ on a system running Microsoft Windows.

Download Whonix ™

The Whonix ™ Windows Installer was developed with a focus on providing users with an fast and easy method to install Whonix ™ in Microsoft Windows. This gives users the opportunity to experiment with Whonix ™ in a familiar environment without the necessity of complex virtual machine imports or host operating system changes. When the whonix-installer.exe is executed, the latest VirtualBox version and both Whonix ™ VMs are seamlessly installed on the Windows machine. From there, users can immediately start using Whonix ™ with no further configuration required.[1]


Figure: Run Whonix Installer

Install Whonix.gif

Figure: Install Whonix

Whonix installer wizard.png

Figure: License Agreement

Whonix windows installer license agreement.png

Figure: Extracting Files

Installing whonix.png

Figure: Complete Whonix Installation

Whonix setup wizard complete.png

Building the Whonix ™-Windows-Installer from Source Code[edit]


1. The Whonix ™ VirtualBox XFCE ova found here: VirtualBox/XFCE [2]

2. The newest build of the VirtualBox-Installer found here under Windows hosts: [archive]

3. 7zSD.sfx which you may obtain under 7-Zip 9.20 Extra here: [archive]

You need to download the .7z compressed archive file and extract it.

Figure: Download 7zSD.sfx

  Windows installer 7zSD-sfx.png

4. 7za.exe which you may obtain under 7-Zip 16.04 Extra here: [archive]

You need to download the .7z compressed archive file and extract it.

Figure: Download 7za.exe

Windows installer 7za-exe.png

5. The newest version of Inno Setup Unicode, a tool for easily creating installers, found here: [archive]

6. Whonix ™-Windows-User-Interface, which can be built from source via this guide: Dev/Whonix ™-Windows-User-Interface

7. The Source for the installer, the logo, the license text, configuration files and the batch file handling the compilation, found here: [archive]

File Preparation[edit]

Note: All commands must be run from the folder containing the corresponding file(s).

1. Install Inno Setup Unicode on your system.
2. The VirtualBox-Installer .exe must be taken "apart".

This is necessary because the .exe contains the Microsoft Software Installation (.msi) based Installers for x64 systems, as well as a compressed .cab file.

To separate these files, run the following at the Windows command prompt.

VirtualBox[Characters based on your version].exe -extract

When completed, a window will open with the destination folder and the following files (VirtualBox[Characters based on your version]amd64.msi, which have been extracted.
3. Rename VirtualBox[Characters based on your version]amd64.msi to virtualbox_x64.msi.

At the Windows command prompt, run.

move VirtualBox[Characters based on your version]and64.msi virtualbox_x64.msi

All files must be located in the same folder for the Whonix ™ Windows Installer build. Choose a folder and move all files to this folder as preparation continues.

4. Move the stable Whonix ™ ova image VirtualBox/XFCE to the folder and rename it to whonix.ova.

move Whonix-XFCE- C:\path\to\your_build_folder\whonix.ova

5. Move the source files (Whonix.iss, logo.ico, license.txt, MakeInstaller.bat, config.txt) to the build folder.

move <your_source_file> C:\path\to\your_build_folder\

6. Finally, move Whonix ™-Windows-User-Interface (Whonix.exe), 7zSD.sfx and 7za.exe to the build folder.

move <your_file> C:\path\to\your_build_folder\

You should now have the following files in the build folder:

  • Whonix.exe
  • virtualbox_x64.msi
  • whonix.ova
  • Whonix.iss
  • logo.ico
  • license.txt
  • 7zSD.sfx
  • 7za.exe
  • MakeInstaller.bat
  • config.txt

The preparation step is finished and the Installer can now be built.


Building the installer itself is very easy once everything has been properly set up -- just launch the MakeInstaller.bat file. The compilation via InnoSetup, the packaging and the combination of all files via 7-Zip, as well as any other required steps are handled automatically. The end result is the named whonix-installer.exe file.

This concludes the guide to building the Whonix ™-Installer for Windows from source.

Forum Discussion[edit] [archive]

Deprecated Installer[edit]

There used to be a version of this installer based on NSIS which has been discontinued, due to stability and a host of other issues. It can still be found here: [archive]


  1. While no further action is required to install or configure the Whonix ™ VMs, it is possible (in some cases) that host bios settings or workarounds for VirtualBox bugs will require user intervention. These are not Whonix ™ issues.
  2. VirtualBox/CLI is unsupported.

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