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  • Gajim might intelligently set a Tor socks user name per account already. Do we still manually specify a user/password?
  • security
    • (3) TODO: create an AppArmor profile
  • does it have any protocol leaks?
    • (4) TODO: check Gajim's built-in XML console
  • how to pre-configure Gajim with all these settings by default as a linux distribution?


Was a blocker:


  • Are uploads by gajim-httpupload encrypted using gajim-omemo?
    • Developer responded: "yes if you have activated OMEMO, httpupload will always encrypt the file, in fact you can not send a unencrypted file with OMEMO activated even if you wanted."
  • Plugin installer is only using https for verification which is weaker than gpg which is used by apt-get which is usually used to install software. [1] [2]



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