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The Whonix ™-Windows-Installer was designed as a simple and fast way to set-up Whonix ™ on a system running Microsoft Windows.

To make using Whonix ™ after the installation as convenient as possible Whonix ™-Windows-User-Interface, more simply Whonix.exe is provided. It is a small C# based launcher for Whonix ™.

Whonix ™-Windows-User-Interface will be installed when installing Whonix ™ on Windows using Whonix ™-Windows-Installer.

Download Whonix ™ Xfce WINDOWS VIRTUALBOX

The following instructions on this page document how to build Whonix ™-Windows-User-Interface from source code.

For information on how to build Whonix ™-Windows-Installer, see Whonix ™-Windows-Installer.


Figure: Whonix desktop starter

Whonix desktop starter.png

Figure: Whonix user interface

Whonix User Interface start.png

Figure: Stop Whonix

Whonix User Interface stop.png

Building Whonix ™-Windows-UI from Source Code[edit]


  • A Windows-Machine on which to do this
  • Visual Studio Community 2015 or newer including the ClickOnce Publishing Tools (need to choose custom and select ClickOnce during installation), which may be obtained from here: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/archive.org
  • The Whonix ™-Windows-UI source code, which can be found here: https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix-Windows-UI


Start Visual Studio Community and click on "Open Project...". Select Whonix-UI.sln found in the highest level folder of the source you've obtained from Github. Now, click on "BuildBuild Solution". You should now find the finished Whonix.exe under Whonix-UI\bin\Debug.

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