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Whonix first time users warning Whonix ™ Windows Installer currently unavailable. Stay Tuned for news.

Ambox warning pn.svg.png There is currently NO testers-only version of Whonix. Check back later. Instead, you can find the stable version here.

Ambox warning pn.svg.png Warning: This is the testers-only version of the Whonix ™ Windows Installer for VirtualBox. For the stable version, go to Windows Quick Start.


Download the Whonix ™ Logo box.png Installer Testers-Only Version Logo-windows-500x500.png. FREE

TODO: Download and signature link.

Install Whonix[edit]

Launch Whonix ™ Installer

Install Whonix.gif

Start Installation

Whonix installer wizard.png

Accept License Agreement

Whonix windows installer license agreement.png

Wait for File Extraction

Installing whonix.png

Finalized Installation

Whonix setup wizard complete.png

Done! Whonix ™ installation is complete!

Start Whonix[edit]

"Double-click" Whonix desktop starter

Whonix desktop starter.png

"Click" Launch Whonix

Whonix User Interface start.png

Running Whonix ™ Virtual Machine

Whonix-Gateway ™ XFCE

Shutdown Whonix[edit]

"Click" Stop Whonix

Whonix User Interface stop.png


Guides and Documentation[edit]

First time user?

Whonix ™ default admin password is: changeme default username: user
default password: changeme

Whonix first time users warning Warning:

  • If you do not know what metadata or a man-in-the-middle attack is.
  • If you think nobody can eavesdrop on your communications because you are using Tor.
  • If you have no idea how Whonix ™ works.

Then read the Design and Goals, Whonix ™ and Tor Limitations and Tips on Remaining Anonymous pages to decide whether Whonix ™ is the right tool for you based on its limitations.

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