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Researchers working with us:

keystroke obfuscation[edit]

Vinnie Monaco, the author of the paper Obfuscating Keystroke Time Intervals to Avoid Identification and has written kloak - Obfuscate keystroke timings to help protect due to Whonix ™ It is now pre-installed by default in Whonix ™.

TCP ISNs and Temperature induced clock skews[edit]

Ethan White, the author Practical deanonymization using CPU load covert helping us with CPU-induced latency Covert Channel Countermeasures.


single-gw multiple-ws vs multiple-gw multiple-ws mapped 1:1[edit]

Tor Project research wanted blog post on single-gw multiple-ws vs multiple-gw multiple-ws mapped 1:1 in progress

TCP ISN CPU Information Leak Protection tirdad[edit]

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