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TorBOX needed to be renamed[edit]

Quote Whonix History page.

Andrew Lewman [the Executive Director of The Tor Project at that time] told Patrick Schleizer in private mail, that it would be better if TorBOX was renamed. Even though it was announced on the website that it is unaffiliated with the Tor project, people confused TorBOX with the Tor project.

Patrick Schleizer unfortunately didn't get permission to share this mail.

The Tor Project Trademark Page[edit]



Original version, source.

Current domain names trying to confuse users with fake or poor software. Users are currently emailing us asking for help related to these domains: [...]

Later after criticism, a bit less harsh. source

Current domain names confusing users about the origin of their software. Users are currently emailing us asking for help related to these domains: [...]



They were not amused by re-using their design and name "tor", see thread:

Mozilla Trademark[edit]

Reason for not installing Tor Browser by default.

The Help->'About Torbrowser' window is Firefox-specific and uses Mozilla logos and links

(See also: list of tbb-branding issues.)

request for permission to install Tor Browser by default in Whonix[edit]


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