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To make your service better known it can be listed on [archive] - a public directory of Onion sites that works closely with The Tor Project.

General Tips[edit]

Some very useful information on scaling onion sites was published in an article series on the Tor blog, see: Cooking with Onions: Finding the Onionbalance [archive].

For creating a production level onion mirror of your clearnet site, refer to some tips in this tor-talk forum discussion: New Document: Building a "Proof of Concept" Onion Site [archive].

Onion Services Guides[edit]


Project main site [archive]

warning Security warning: Adding a third party repository allows the vendor to replace any package on your system. Proceed at your own risk! See Foreign Sources for further information. For greater safety, users adding third party repositories should always use Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™ to compartmentalize VMs with additional software.

Installation Guide from GlobaLeaks third party repository [archive]

This is a guide to help you set up your own secure and anonymous whistle blowing platform. Note that this is a standalone node and not part of a network, although you can optionally list yourself in the Leaks Directory [archive].

To decide between GlobaLeaks and SecureDrop read this [archive] detailed comparison written by a Tor Project developer.

Multiplayer Onion Gaming[edit]

See: Onion Gaming.


SecureDrop is another widely used whistle-blowing platform installed at many news organizations. To set it up please refer to the official guide [archive]. To use SecureDrop as a source, refer to this documentation [archive] and for using SecureDrop as a journalist go here [archive]. For general information and project code go to their main GitHub page [archive].

If you are a news or whistle-blowing site operator you may be interested in having your Onion Service address listed at the Freedom of The Press Foundation [archive].


For a private and anonymous DropBox alternative you can run Sparkleshare as a Onion Service [archive]. To ensure that only you and the intended parties can access the service you need to set up Onion Service Authentication, see instructions.


Secure Shell is the dominant protocol for secure remote login and system administration. It is a critical component of server and internet infrastructure. Revelations from the Snowden documents and further analysis [2] has uncovered weaknesses in some of the included cipher-suites, allowing abuses by resourceful nation-state adversaries. If you run SSH in this day and age, it should be done from behind a Tor Onion Service.


  • protection by Tor
  • robust access control provided by Onion Services authentication [3]
  • NAT traversal
  • no need for services like DynDNS [archive]
  1. Setup Onion Service Authentication.
  2. Run SSH like normal or follow this guide [archive] if you are a beginner.


Stormy is a simple Onion Service blog setup script. The developer hopes to have it packaged for Debian at some point, but it is under heavy development at the time of writing (only suitable for developers). To learn more, see: GitHub [archive].

See Also[edit]


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