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systemd in Whonix.

Documentation for this is incomplete. Contributions are happily considered! See this for potential alternatives.

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Systemd User Environment Variables Configuration[edit]


mkdir -p ~/.config/environment.d/

x. Open file ~/.config/environment.d/electrumx.conf in a text editor of your choice as a regular, non-root user.

If you are using a graphical environment, run. mousepad ~/.config/environment.d/electrumx.conf

If you are using a terminal, run. nano ~/.config/environment.d/electrumx.conf

x. Paste the following contents.

COIN=Bitcoin DB_DIRECTORY=~/.electrumx DAEMON_URL=username:password@ SERVICES=rpC://localhost PEER_DISCOVERY=self

x. Save.


systemctl --user daemon-reload

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