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Whonix ™ is a research and implementation project that is based on thousands of freely available software packages. You can learn more about the organizational structure here.

The Tor software is used to establish anonymized external connections, but the Whonix ™ project does not maintain Tor. Further, the reliance of the Whonix ™ platform on Tor does not imply developers are experts about the Tor software.

Some users will experience "network obstacles" when using Whonix ™ because some internet service providers (ISPs) in various countries block (censor, prevent) access to the public Tor network. In this instance, Bridges may or may not help in circumventing Tor censorship.

When users experience connectivity issues it is unreasonable to automatically assume that the Whonix ™ project is the underlying cause. Nor are Whonix ™ developers experts in resolving various network obstacles. For these reasons, the Troubleshooting page recommends:

In case of connectivity issues: Check if Tor Browser [archive] works on the host.

If the Tor Browser Bundle is not functional on the host, then Whonix ™ is unlikely to work either. It is recommended to have a recent Tor Browser Bundle version installed at all times. This way users can test if they live in a censored area or not and whether Tor is blocked by the ISP. Further, if (private) (obfuscated) bridges are necessary for Tor Browser Bundle functionality on the host, then Whonix ™ will similarly require them.

In conclusion, if connectivity issues are experienced with Whonix ™ a sensible first step is to test Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) functionality on the host. If issues persist on the host then the Tor community should be directly contacted about the issue, since the Whonix ™ platform cannot be the primary source of the problem.

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