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Whonix is available on the following platforms.

Read more about which version is best for you.

OS Host Knowledge Recommendation Virt Status Freedom
Windows Newcomer Windows (Download) Production FREEDOM
Linux Newcomer Whonix for VirtualBox Linux installer Production FREEDOM
macOS Newcomer macOS (Download) Production FREEDOM Advanced Qubes-Whonix (Download) Production FREEDOM
Linux Advanced KVM (Download) Production FREEDOM
USB Newcomer USB Production FREEDOM
QEMU (Tiny Code Generator) Advanced - Experimental, Unsupported FREEDOM
Any Advanced - Experimental, Unsupported FREEDOM
2 PCs, personal computer, notebook Advanced x86 compatible Experimental FREEDOM
Raspberry Pi 3 B (RPI3) Advanced Whonix-Gateway Raspberry Pi 3 B (RPI3) Experimental FREEDOM
32-bit Advanced Whonix 32 bit information Production FREEDOM
Source Code Advanced Build Documentation Production FREEDOM
VMware Advanced VMware Experimental, Declined Feature [1] non-freedom
Hyper-V Advanced Experimental, Declined Feature [1] non-freedom

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