Non-bridge Censorship Circumvention Tools

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List of Censorship Circumvention Tools that may be helpful to get around network bans. Draft.


Documentation for this is incomplete. Contributions are happily considered! See this for potential alternatives.


This page is about the censorship circumvention tools other than Tor Bridges. If you are not experiencing a real censorship (for example, only some ports are blocked by your ISP), then something simpler can be tried.


Tool client language works on Linux works on Wine OS Interface Transport uses Service Tor works runs through proxy notes ? yes N/A ? proxy/if? ? google app engine account ? ? and (Similar to ? yes N/A yes proxy ?+encrypt server for proxy ? no, runs on routers
scotty java yes N/A ? proxy ? php webhosting, server with java, google appengine account ? ? -
IP over mail C or C++ ? ? yes ? email/protocol? maybe an email account? ? no? - ? no ? no? ? ? ? ? ? - uses an ipsec vpn client yes N/A ? if ipsec vpn amazon aws account ? ? - ? ? ? ? ? tls cooperating isp yes ? only a concept C or C++ yes N/A yes if dns domain and dns server ? no very small, runs on routers
your java yes N/A ? socks,if ?, dns free account ? https(s), socks 4/5 has various settings C++,javascript yes N/A yes proxy,if() tls,pt - yes/N/A yes tor over tor is bad
freegate ? ? ? ? ? http(s),tls ? ? ? officially only available for china & Iran, questionable trustworthyness
VPN ? yes N/A no if vpn - ? ? -



Static Web Mirrors[edit]

Single Site solutions[edit]

Protocol Tunneling[edit]




Anonymous P2P[edit]

  • Freedom Network
  • Onion Routing
  • MixMaster
  • Babel
  • Mixminion
  • Zach Brown's Onion
  • PipeNet
  • IronKey
  • MorphMix
  • Tarzan
  • Tor
  • Hornet (Modified Tor)


Tor's Pluggable Transports[edit]

Research and Proof of Concept[edit]


  • Type? (VPN, proxy, ssh?)
  • Usable with Open Source Software, without any proprietary client? (OpenVPN etc.)
  • Is there a Linux version?
  • Does it work in WINE?
  • Can Whonix (Tor) get tunneled through it? (Whonix (Tor) can get tunneled thought a VPN running on the host and also supports all kinds of proxy settings (http(s), socks4(a)/5).)
  • Instructions for using it with Whonix?


Add to the above table. (Already partially documented in Whonix wiki, see Lantern.)

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