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Access Gateway Port From Host

Access Whonix-Gateway Port From Host[edit]

This is very esoteric and you probably don't need it! Advanced users only!

Only tested with Whonix 0.5.6. Will need changes for later versions.

Example: Make port 9050 accessible from the host.[edit]

On the host...

In the Whonix-Gateway VM network settings. Set up Port Forwarding: within the "Adapter 1" tab click "Advanced", then Port Forwarding. Insert a new rule as follows.

Name: 9050
Protocol: TCP
Host IP:
Host Port: 9050
Guest IP: leave blank
Guest Port: 9050

Or the same as command line.

VBoxManage modifyvm "Whonix-Gateway" --natpf1 "9050",tcp,,9050,,9050

Inside Whonix-Gateway...

Add to /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/50_user.conf.

## is usually obtained from VirtualBox's DHCP server.
## Hope this always works, otherwise you have to edit network config.
## and use a static virtual LAN IP.

## The next line is not strictly required, neat for debugging.


Reload Tor.

After editing /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/50_user.conf, Tor must be reloaded for changes to take effect.

Note: If Tor does not connect after completing all these steps, then a user mistake is the most likely explanation. Recheck /usr/local/etc/torrc.d/50_user.conf and repeat the steps outlined in the sections above. If Tor then connects successfully, all the necessary changes have been made.

If you are using Qubes-Whonix, complete the following steps.

Qubes App Launcher (blue/grey "Q") -> Whonix-Gateway ProxyVM (commonly named 'sys-whonix') -> Reload Tor

If you are using a graphical Whonix-Gateway, complete the following steps.

Start Menu -> Applications -> Settings -> Reload Tor

If you are using a terminal-only Whonix-Gateway, press on Expand on the right.

Complete the following steps.

Reload Tor.

sudo service tor@default reload

Check Tor's daemon status.

sudo service tor@default status

It should include a a message saying.

Active: active (running) since ...

In case of issues, try the following debugging steps.

Check Tor's config.

sudo -u debian-tor tor --verify-config

The output should be similar to the following.

Sep 17 17:40:41.416 [notice] Read configuration file "/usr/local/etc/torrc.d/50_user.conf".
Configuration was valid

Look at /etc/whonix_firewall.d/30_default.conf.



Inside Whonix-Gateway...

Switch to clearnet user.

su clearnet

Test if the port you want to make available on the host is available from inside Whonix-Workstation. (If that's not the case, something is fundamentally wrong and you need to fix this first.)

Circumventing uwt curl wrapper.


Circumventing uwt curl wrapper.


It should answer "Tor is not a http proxy".


On the host...

It should answer "Tor is not a http proxy". If you see that, that indicates that Tor is, which runs inside Whonix-Gateway is accessible on the host as well.

Forwarding that port to LAN[edit]

On the host...

This is untested, but should work.

You can use something like socat or systemd-socket-proxyd to redirect that port to a different network interface. Otherwise you could experiment with the Whonix-Gateway VM network settings.

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