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This wiki page documents how to connect to localhost from inside Whonix-Workstation. This might be useful for the use case of Hosting Location Hidden Services and Onion Services.

Local Connections[edit]

Local connections are often dysfunctional default. (Why?)

  • Tor Browser cannot connect to localhost by default.
    • See chapter Local Connections on how to accomplish connections to localhost.
    • How to connect to (Whonix-Workstation default internal IP address) using Tor Browser is undocumented, however unspecific to Whonix and should be researched as per Generic Bug Reproduction. This is because Whonix does not develop Tor Browser. Upstream, The Tor Project does.
    • If connecting to your very own server running in your own VM which is completely self-hosted, since there is no risk of browser fingerprinting, an easy workaround would be to use a browser other than Tor Browser such as for example Chromium.
  • curl, scurl, wget might not be able to connect to localhost by default.
  • Whonix-Workstation Firewall might be interfering.
    • If that is suspected, consider (temporarily) disabling it. For higher security, this could be done while offline and inside a dedicated VM using for testing purposes only.


Local connections are often dysfunctional default, because:

  • most applications installed by default are pre-configured from a client (not server) perspective.
  • These are pre-configured for Stream Isolation.


  1. # Set Torsocks to allow outbound connections to the loopback interface.
    # If set to 1, connect() will be allowed to be used to the loopback interface
    # bypassing Tor. If set to 2, in addition to TCP connect(), UDP operations to
    # the loopback interface will also be allowed, bypassing Tor. This option
    # should not be used by most users. (Default: 0)
    AllowOutboundLocalhost 1

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