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Information about system timezone setting. How to change the System Timezone.


Quote Whonix Post Install Advice:

To protect against time zone leaks, the system clock inside Whonix is set to UTC. This means it may be a few hours before or ahead of your host system clock. Do not change this setting!

Change System Timezone[edit]

1. Introduction.

Whonix specific part: To prevent package from changing the timezone to UTC during upgrades, a status file must be created as documented in the next step. [1]

2. Select your platform.


3. Run the following command.

sudo touch /etc/noutc


3. Run the following 2 commands.

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/

sudo touch /usr/local/etc/noutc

4. Actual timezone change.

Whonix unspecific part: Time zone can be adjusted as per Self Support First Policy.


  • A) System setting: System timezone as configured /etc/timezone / /etc/localtime is a "system setting".
  • B) User setting: What (Xfce) graphical user interface clock widget is showing and its setting might be independent from the "system setting" since that is a "user setting".

5. Done.

The process of changing the timezone has been completed.

Timezone vs sdwdate[edit]

sdwdate is mostly unrelated. It can operate independently of system timezone setting. It is a time synchronization daemon. It does not alter the system timezone.

Timezone vs Tor Browser[edit]

Tor Browser has its own independent development team and independent implementation of timezone change. This is unspecific to Whonix. Tor Browser does the same on non-Whonix systems. In other words, Tor Browser does the same on Debian hosts. Changing the system timezone will not affect Tor Browser.


Footnotes / References[edit]

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