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See DoNot#Prevent_Tor_over_Tor_scenarios.


Implemented in three ways on Whonix-Workstation.

  • Implemented in anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor, debian/control. The package uses the "Provides: tor" field[1], which should avoid any kinds of conflicts, in case upstream releases a higher version of Tor. This won't work for packages, which depend on an explicit version of Tor (such as TorChat). This is non-ideal, since for example the torchat package will install Tor, but still acceptable, because of the following additional implementations.
  • Tor's autostart is disabled in /etc/default/tor (dpkg-diverted using config-package-dev), so even if the tor package gets installed, it won't be automatically started.
  • rinetd is configured by /etc/rinetd.conf to listen on
    • Tor's default ports. I.e.
      • system Tor's, and,
      • TBB's,
      • Tor Messenger's,
    • Those are forwarded to Whonix-Gateway.
    • This prevents the default Tor Browser Bundle, Tor Messenger and/or Tor package by The Tor Project from opening these default ports, which will result in Tor failing to open its listening port and therefore exiting, thus preventing Tor over Tor.



Whonix 14[edit]

We mimic a functional Tor as good as possible.

anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor is also providing:

  • Tor Control Unix Domain Socket file: /var/run/tor/control, which is redirected to Control Port Filter Proxy on Whonix-Gateway.
  • Tor Control Auth Cookie: a functional /var/run/tor/control.authcookie that works with Control Port Filter Proxy.
  • Tor Socks Unix Domain Socket file: /var/run/tor/socks that is redirected to Whonix-Gateway Tor port 9050


Required for Tor Browser connectivity, SocksSocket:


  1. See "7.5 Virtual packages - Provides" on http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html

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