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Whonix ™ is based on Kicksecure ™. Kicksecure ™ is a derivative of Debian. Kicksecure ™ was formally called Hardened Debian.

About Kicksecure.

hardening by default[edit]

usability by default[edit]


  • "sudo apt-get install kicksecure-cli" will be possible on bare metal Debian hosts, in other words installations of Debian can be easily converted into Kicksecure ™ by installing the kicksecure-cli or other Kicksecure ™ debian package. This is called also distro-morophing.
  • maybe later available as ISO for installation on hardware depending on community interest and support
  • Computer security community is larger than computer anonymity community. Through Kicksecure ™ we can work on our shared interest in computer security.
  • Apply as many security settings by default without breaking usability too much.
  • Kicksecure ™ is already the base for Whonix - Anonymous Operating System.
  • This project might migrate to its own domain name Depends on community interest and available resources.

Help Wanted[edit]

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